When: Nov 2 , 2017 - Jan 1 , 1970


Advices to store wine

1. Keeping it in the dark

Exposing to direct sunlight, fluorescent lights, UV rays can harm the structure and will create unpleasant smell and taste of the wines

2. Store corked wine bottles on their sides

This prevent the corks from drying and eventually stop the air from entering the bottle, spoiling the wines.

3. Keep Temperature consistent

Temperature in a wine storage area should be as constant as possible. Ideally, the temper-ature for various wines in the storage should be between 12°C – 16°C

4. Do not move the wines

Store them in a way you don’t have to move many bottles in order to reach a bottle to drink.

5. Keep the humidity around 70%

This keeps the cork from drying and minimizes evaporation. Use humidifying techniques like a small container of water, if needed.

6. Isolate the Wine

Remember that wine “breathes”. Do not store wine with other substance that emit strong smell. The smell will penetrate the corks and taint the wines

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