When: Aug 15 , 2017 - Jan 1 , 1970

Where: The Warehouse VN

Why to start a wine cellar?

If you are holding wine for drinking later, you have a wine cellar. While the words wine cellar conjure up thoughts of underground caverns, a wine cellar is any space dedicated to storing wine. Differences between wine cellars are enormous. Vast caves storing millions of bottles at unvarying temperatures are at one end of the scale and a small cupboard with a few wines for drinking soon is at the other end. Every wine cellar exists for the same purpose – to keep wine in an ideal environment for enjoyment some time in the future. While a specialized wine cellar can aspire to emulate the underground cavern, a lack of these resources should not discourage you from having a wine cellar. The benefits of wine cellaring are varied and many.


The convenience of selecting a suitable wine for any occasion and producing it with ease and aplomb is only available to those who have a well stocked wine cellar. Very few wine cellars can provide this level of performance for every occasion. The objective is well worth aiming for and when achieved is very satisfying.

Saving Money

There is no doubt that money can be saved with the use of a wine cellar.

You save money when you buy by the case especially when good wine is being offered at discounted prices. You save petrol and time when you avoid driving to the wine store to satisfy the immediate need for a bottle. You save money by turning a good wine into an excellent one as it ages to advantage before you enjoy it. You save by selecting the right wine for the occasion and so avoid serving an expensive wine for quaffing because there is nothing else available.


While making money from the storage of wine is a dream of many and is fully possible, it is seldom the prime reason for starting a home wine cellar. However the knowledge gained by building up a wine collection can lead to the confidence needed to successfully buy and later sell wine for a profit.


Results of surveys carried out by Vinoté and others clearly show that people who build up a collection of wine inevitably become more knowledgeable about wine in general.


This improved knowledge leads to a dramatic increase in wine confidence and this in turn leads to people buying more wine and often spending more per bottle due to their certainty that the wine will be cared for and enjoyed at the right time.