Mathieu Teisseire Peach Syrup (330ml)

1. Leading Syrup brands in France
2. Heritage of 300 Years
3. True flavor
4. Best quality
5. Preferred by Professionals

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The No.1 syrup in France with a heritage of 300 years. Mathieu Teisseire syrup is a combination of the world’s finest ingredients, the purest water and a unique blend of two sugars for a long lasting flavour – resulting in famous authentic taste. Its flavors are as close to the original fruit or ingredient as you will ever taste with 25% peach juice from concentrates. The Mathieu Teisseire 33cl pack is specially created for use at home. Now consumers can also elevate the taste of any refreshing cold drink, coffee, tea, mocktail, cocktail, sauce or dessert at home