Gustave Lorentz Fleurelle

Its nose is fresh, in the mouth, its texture is suave, juicy and full of fruits, while keeping a great freshness.



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This wine named « Fleurelle » comes from a blend of 3 grape varieties (Muscat, Pinot Blanc and Sylvaner). It exhales a very expressive bouquet, which is floral and fruity, where the Muscat imposes its style with delicacy and freshness. Its nose is fresh, smooth and very thirst-quenching, with notes of Williams pear, white peach and violet. In the mouth, its texture is suave, juicy and full of fruits, while keeping a great freshness.


Early ripening, great quality and small yields are the key messages for this vintage. By the end of September, the harvest had mostly started, and had even finished in some areas, which demonstrated what an early vintage this was. 2017 is one of the five earliest harvests of the last 40 years.
To start with, let’s first remember the key events of 2017. January was extremely cold, with temperatures remaining mainly below zero for several days. Autumn and winter were dry and the downpours in March, unfortunately, didn’t make up for the water deficiency. Above all, however, this vintage was marked by the severe frosts on 21st and 22nd April.
Flowering was very early and, fortunately, took place during fine conditions. Subsequently, summer started with mild temperatures at the beginning of July, followed by scorching temperatures over several days. The infrequent rainfall may have caused some delays in maturation in the most delicate soils. All these weather conditions, as well as plenty of heat, have contributed to the early harvest, low in quantity but promising in quality.


Alcohol: 12°04
Residual Sugar: 3.70 g/L
Tartaric Acidity: 5.5 g/L
Grape Variety: Muscat - Pinot Blanc - Sylvaner

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