Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we’ve been asked. So if you have a question, have a look at the FAQs listed below – the answer you're looking for might be there.

But if you don’t find what you’re looking for, then by all means feel free to contact us. Like we said, we’re here to help.

1. What are my accumulation points?
Accumulation points are the total amount of your spending at the Warehouse, used to rank your membership levels.
When purchasing at the stores, you need to scan your QR Code on the app at the cashier to earn accumulation points through your transactions.

2. What are the Loyalty Membership status levels?
We have 3 Membership levels:

  • Silver: 10% discount - For new members
  • Gold: 15% discount - With the minimum spending at 30 millions VND per year
  • Diamond: 20% discount - With the spending over 100 millions VND per year

3. What is the duration of my accumulation points?
The duration of your accumulation points is 12 months from the day of activation.

4. How can I earn my accumulation points?
Accumulation points are earned when you complete your transactions of purchases at our stores or through the Warehouse e-commerce sites.

5. How can I use my accumulation points?

  • Accumulation points are used to identify as well as upgrade/downgrade your Membership status levels.
  • Accumulation points are considered if you have chances to receive our e-vouchers.

6. How does the accumulation point system work?
When purchasing at our stores, you need to provide your phone number or membership ID before completing your purchase transactions to earn your accumulation points. Whereas, our Customer Service will support you when you purchase through our Hotline, Facebook/Instagram.

7. Will my accumulation points be expired?
Your accumulation points will expire after 12 months from your activation day.

8. What happens to my account when my Membership levels get changed?

  • If your account is downgraded, the benefits of your previous tier will be eliminated. After deducting the number of points required to maintain the new membership level, the remaining balance in the account will continue to accumulate for the next tier.
  • If your account is upgraded, you will receive the benefits of your new tier. After deducting the number of points required to maintain the new membership level, the remaining balance in the account will continue to accumulate for the next tier.

9. Can we share our Membership Account for others to use?
Each Membership account is advised to be used for one person only to secure your personal information and ensure the benefits received from its membership level.

10. Can I exchange or transfer my points or an existing Membership account/ level to another account?
Unfortunately, your accumulation points, Membership account and level cannot be transferred or exchanged.

11. Will I be supported if there is any problem with my points?
If you see any error in the way points are accumulated, please kindly contact our Customer Service to be assisted at the soonest.

12. Can my tier be upgraded directly from Silver to Diamond?
If you reach the minimum of the Diamond tier, your account can be upgraded directly from Silver to Diamond.

13. Will my points be accumulated when I purchase promotional items?
Accumulation points will be applied to some promotional items.
For big promotions, spending from mega sales from and above 30% discount will not be accumulated.

14. If I don’t bring my phone, will I receive accumulation points?
In case you don’t have your phone with you, please provide your phone number or Membership ID for the staff to get assisted with your accumulation points.

15. Will the Membership benefits be applied to all the Warehouse products?
The Membership benefits are applied for most wines and glasses imported by the Warehouse.

16. Except for the stores, will my spending at other platforms or e-commerce sites (not owned by the Warehouse) be accumulated?
Your spending of purchases through Warehouse-owned shopping platforms such as Facebook and Website is still accumulated. Please send your QR code, phone number, or Membership name/ ID to be verified and applied.
Your spending of purchases at other online marketplaces will not be accumulated points in the Warehouse Loyalty Program.

17. What is an e-voucher?
E-voucher is a gift voucher in the form of QR code, code numbers or letters issued by The Warehouse.
E-voucher is often used for promotions, discounts or gifts from The Warehouse. E-voucher users need to provide the code numbers to the store’s staff to be applied, each e-voucher can only be used once.
E-voucher is not redeemable into cash.

18. How do I get an e-voucher?
Currently, e-voucher is issued through several promotional programs from the Warehouse.
In order to receive e-voucher, you may need to meet certain conditions, or be part of an eligible group.
Customers who receive the e-vouchers will be sent an email notification with the code number attached and are accountable for keeping this voucher code confidential. The Warehouse is not responsible in case the customer reveals the code number and has been used by someone else.

19. What is a Gift with Purchase?
Depending on the program and promotion plan, you may receive gifts according to the orders from the Warehouse. Gifts can be applied to all customers, or only for one membership tier. Conditions might or might not be applied for the purchases.