This is an occasion for all wine lovers to enjoy a fresh and new harvest wine to share the lip-smacking celebration. This fresh wine is imported directly by The Warehouse from Georges Duboeuf - the best Beaujolais Nouveau production in France. Beaujolais Nouveau only happens one time per year falling on the third Thursday of November. On this occasion of festive, the wine made from a special variety grape named Gamay will be delivered to the wine lovers all over the world.

Let's find out what makes Beaujolais Nouveau wine so interesting.

  • Grape Variety: Black Gamay with white juice is the only grape permitted for Beaujolais and must be picked by hand.
  • Color: fruity and fresh red wine with a purple-pinkish color
  • Characteristic: This young and easy drinking red wine, bottled 6-8 weeks after the grapes are hand- picked, is an incredibly popular wine everywhere in the world, particularly in Asia because of its freshness and fruit-forward style.
  • Nose: Fruity aromas (especially strawberry and raspberry)
  • Tasting note: Beaujolais Nouveau has a balanced taste, harmonious aftertaste with light sweetness. (The wine is less acrid, so it is preferred by women.)
  • Food pairing suggestion: Roasted Dishes (Chicken, Duck, Roast Pork), Grilled Salmon Fillet, Lamb, etc. Suitable to use in parties such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Eve.
  • Serving temperature: 14-16˚C 

Have a delightful celebration with The Warehouse. Cheers!