Talking about the Mid-Autumn Festival and the moon affecting everything on this planet, from ocean tides to our everyday life, one cannot help but mention another very closely “moon-related” wine aspect: biodynamics.

And indeed even though originated in the west, it follows many centuries-old agricultural traditions of the East carried from generation to generation. So what exactly is biodynamics?

Biodynamic wine always makes an indelible aesthetic impression on an inexperienced consumer: a horse plows, good birds sing and destroy bad insects, homeopathic doses of fertilizers from pharmaceutical herbs, moon phases, attracting the energy of water, earth, air and light ... Without discussing the details, we note : this whole complex of funny and strange measures to raise the productivity and quality of the resulting product works. Science cannot explain how and why, but it works - any worthy expert will attest. Therefore, every day there are more and more winegrowers using biodynamic techniques.


So if you want to experiment and jump out of the box, we can offer another selection of 100% moon-oriented products: 

  • Joseph Drouhin Chorey-les-Beaune - is a perfect choice for a mixed filling mooncakes, with seeds and nuts

  • M.Chapoutier "Les Meysonniers" Crozes Hermitage - this elegant wine will go perfectly with some meat filled mooncakes, as "thập cẩm", that has different fillings: a little bit of red sausage and pork

  • Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses Chardonnay - grilled or dried chicken filled mooncakes will please your mouth in this combination

  • Gustave Lorentz Alsace Riesling - Ham in honey sauce mooncakes (maybe not the most common, but extremely tasty) will be another gastronomic pleasure to experience

  • By.Ott Cotes de Provence - a wonderful rose will pair perfectly with lotus seed mooncakes, coconut fillings or dried fruits, with the red bean paste


  • M.Chapoutier Domaine des Granges de Mirabel - the refine aromas will be nicely highlighted by green tea paste and fruity fillings