Laying at the foot of the Andes in the Rapel Valley, Viña Los Boldos is one of Chile’s oldest wineries, established in 1850, and planted  in rocky soils with over 620 acres of vines, reminiscent of the great vineyards in Europe. Los Boldos was named after the type of a tree found in the region which stomach-soothing leaves are used for tea.

In 2008, Viña Los Boldos became part of Sogrape family and continues to combine the extraordinary terroir of the region - a result of the mixed forces of land and sea - with traditional French winemaking techniques. In recent years Chateau Los Boldos Grand Reserva wines have received coveted recognition from leading editors of Wine Spectator.

Viña Los Boldos is 100% certified sustainable production in all three qualifying categories: the vineyard, the winery, and social responsibility, as it supports local residents with year-long programming and employment.


It is located in a privileged zone of the Cachapoal Valley, classified as Andes region, which reflects the mountain range’s influence on these vineyards. The moderate Mediterranean climate and alluvial soils of Viña Los Boldos are ideal for producing great wines, particularly red, combining the vitality and grandeur of the Andes with the elegance of the brand’s European legacy.

Los Boldos occupies a 250ha site in one of Chile’s finest viticultural areas – Cachapoal Andes or Alto Cachapoal as previously known. The quality and nobility of the terroir is now shining through its wines, which count back with some vines planted in the forties and fifties. Alluvial soils, hand harvest and its single vineyard concept, allow Los Boldos to craft some of the purest and freshest expressions of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Carmenere, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc currently coming out of Chile.


Offering high-quality wines and great brands is an age-old belief at Sogrape. It has always been this way. For us, each bottle symbolises a new story, a new way of expression, and an invitation to explore nature and its aromas. It is during this new journey towards new destinations where unparalleled moments and experiences can be found.”

1. Tradition

Young and fruity with intense colors and soft tannins. They faithfully reflect the most emblematic varieties grown in the Cachapoal Andes region.

2. Grand Reserve

Produced with grapes sourced from vineyards being over 15 years old. They show intense colors, fruity aromas, and balanced tannins


3. Vieilles Vignes

Produced with the best grapes sourced from over 60 years old vineyards , the name literally translates to “old vines.”


4. Sanama Reserva

A modern and fresh wine; a blend of Chilean roots and European heritage. Sanama's local wicker design celebrates the centuries-old art of wicker weaving in Chile