Joseph Drouhin Aloxe Corton 2017 (750ml)

A full-bodied wine without harshness; a beautiful intense red; powerful, with aromas of candied fruit evolving towards spicy and musky nuances with age.

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  • Light Body

    Red Wine

  • 750 ml


  • 13%

Grape variety:
Pinot Noir

The site : a charming village in the northern part of the appellation, backing onto the only red Grand Cru of the Côte de Beaune, Corton.
History & tradition : Aloxe-Corton wines owe their fame to the fact that they were able to travel far without deteriorating. They have contributed to the notoriety of Burgundy in the United Kingdom, in Central Europe, in Russia.
The soil : an ocher earth tending to red, rich in iron oxide, considered to guarantee the solidity of the wines.

Planting density : 10,000 vines / ha to enable the vines to best capture the messages of the terroirs.
Size : Guyot.
Yields : 46 hl / ha, deliberately low, allow the grapes to reveal the nuances of each terroir.
Supply : purchase of grapes and wines from partner suppliers.

2 to 3 weeks of maceration and vinification in total.
- Indigenous yeasts.
- Controlled maceration and fermentation temperature.

Joseph Drouhin seeks total control of the extraction process, which gives color and substance but must not be done at the expense of finesse and typicality.

Type : in barrels, 20% of which are new.
Duration : 14-18 months.
Provenance of the woods : high French forests.
Wood drying : the House is keen to fully control the drying of its woods for more than 3 years, which contributes to the elegance of the wines.

Throughout the process, decisions are made mainly on the basis of tastings, piece by piece. This data is then completed through technical analysis. As with all of the House's wines, absolute priority is given to expressing the terroir and respecting the vintage effect.

Tasting by Véronique Boss-Drouhin
A full-bodied wine without harshness. The color is a beautiful intense red. The nose is powerful, with aromas of candied fruit evolving towards spicy and musky nuances with age. In the youth, the mouth is quite structured. The aromas have a long persistence, reminiscent of the candied fruits of the first nose .

Like every year, we sort the grapes both to select the most beautiful bunches which will be kept in whole harvest and to remove the berries which could show a lack of maturity. The state of health was very satisfactory and the rotten almost absent. Very quickly at the start of fermentation the colors were released and gradually the varietal character of Pinot Noir was expressed. We have favored this aromatic expression to seek balanced wines without too much power.

Temperature : 16 ° C.
Consumption : 5 to 10 years.