Cider Maeloc Mora 330ml

Cider Maeloc Sidra Mora beer possesses mysterious purple color combined with quite delicious taste. The perfect combination of fermented apple juice with raspberries. A great refreshing option that you should indulge in snacks and bars to ensure that it stimulates the taste buds and does not lose the taste of the beer.

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Cider Maeloc Sidra Pera is one of the cider lines of Spain that is quite easy to drink and easy to enjoy. The flavors of these Maeloc bottles really conquer the taste of the drinker. The beer is fragrant with the apple scent that is fermented thoroughly, combined with the Vietnamese flavor. Maeloc really captures the drinker with its own qualities. Beer possesses 4% alcohol content and a beautiful shiny yellow color. Beer has a mild aroma, not too harsh, creating a more pleasant feeling when enjoyed.