Return and Refund Policy

     1. Reasons for accepting returns:
  • The product return is only applicable in case the customer receives the product incorrectly with the purchase agreement, or the product is defective from The Warehouse's side.
  • Errors in quantity, information, and models compared with the purchase agreement
  • Error form: deformation, scratches, stains, cracks.
  • Error due to manufacturer.
  • In case customers change their demand, Warehouse only applies to exchange products for orders of more than 10 bottles of wine, the number of bottles to be exchanged does not exceed 20% of the quantity in the purchase agreement

     2. Conditions for accepting exchange and return:

  • Customers need to provide pictures of the products to be returned for The Warehouse to check, verify, and review the return.
  • Products must be intact, with the original label and extra stamps in accordance with the original specifications.
  • Full order confirmation, delivery, and accompanying gifts if any
  • The product is still intact and has not been used.

     3. Cases of not accepting exchange and payment:

  • Damaged products, poor quality due to improper storage by customers
  • The product has been stripped of the stamp, the wine bottle is cracked, and it no longer retains its original form.
  • Products in promotions and discounts.
  • The product has expired and allows a return
  • The customer dislikes the product unless otherwise stated.

     4. Time of Supporting:

  • The customer agrees that the product must be carefully checked for appearance and quantity when an employee or delivery service driver arrives. Customers have the right to refuse to receive the product if found error from The Warehouse, and notify The Warehouse within 24 hours for assistance with handling, refunding, exchange or refund.
  • Because of product characteristics, once the customer signs the product confirmation, the customer agrees that the product will not be exchanged for the product.

     5. Return processing procedure:

  • Customers need to return the products at the same store you purchase the products.
  • Customers need to bring the products to the store to conduct status verification.
  • Processing time for exchange transactions within 2-5 days from the date of receipt of the return request and verification of product status.
  • The value of the product exchanged equal to or higher than the value of the product purchased previously.
  • If the product is accepted for return, the customer should place a new order on the website with the product to be exchanged and make the payment.

     6. Refund

  • Refund processing time (if any) depends on the processing time of the payment gateway unit and the payment bank. Usually, it will take 5-7 working days, or up to 45 working days depending on the domestic or international payment card, and counting from the date of receiving the customer's request.
  • In case of cashback to foreign bank cards, rates and fees may apply at the time of refund and according to the bank's regulations.
  • The customer will receive a refund of 70% of the order value in case the customer cancels the order incorrectly according to regulations and policies of The Warehouse.