Radford Dale Gravity, ml

A delicious, full bodied wine which is the perfect partner to a juicy steak.

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  • Red Wine

    750 ml

  • 14%

Radford Dale Gravity is a South African red blend with Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes used. This is a premium, complex and seamless wine with a gusty yet supple body and a dense, ripe tannins.

Packed full of deep fruit flavours of blackberries and blueberries combined with oak and just the right amount of smoke. On the nose there is a lot of the same flavours of dark berries and spice with 14% Vol. Perfect to enjoy alongside your next BBQ or with a hearty, rich steak for the ultimate combination.

Famous for their refreshing wines and founded in 1998 by a Brit and an Australian who’s sole objective is to make high quality wines from vineyards spread across the Western Cape.

The Radford Dale brand gives a lot of importance on the soil, climate and people. They only grow the varietals of grapes that suit the soil quality which makes them a little extra special. The name derives from the estate’s employment of the gravitational pressing which leads to more integrated tannins.

The grape pressings are fermented separately in old oak barrels. Once blended the wine is returned to the same barrels for a further 6 months of aging. After fermentation the wine is left in skins for about 10 days which gives it more time to complete it’s leisurely extraction.