Massenez Kirsch Vieux, 750ml

Complex and intense aromas of almond, cherry and spicy notes in the aftertaste

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  • Spirits

    700 ml

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Nose: direct with a distinct fragrance of Kirsch, with no discordant notes. This intense nose with almond notes is a highly characteristic mark of the quality of the original fruit selection and the delicacy of the distillation. A highly complex flavor where the primary flavors of fresh fruit mix with secondary and tertiary flavors from fermentation and distillation.

Palate: In terms of flavors, a gradation that is traditional among fruit eaux-de-vie, split into 3 main organoleptic notes:
- Almond notes which unfold as soon as it reaches the palate.
- Complex, fruity notes in which the fresh cherry gives way to a more complex and powerful aromatic texture.
- Spiced notes at the finish, creating the final phase of this organoleptic profile.