Sake Sakuragao Tokubetsu Junmai, glass bottle 720ml

- Sake Sakuragao Tokubetsu Junmai is a drink made from water and rice, with the action of a bacteria called koji with Sake yeast. This is a long-standing wine line and is considered an indispensable drink in Japanese parties.

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  • Spirits

    720 ml

  • 15%

- Sake Sakuragao Tokubetsu Junmai is a bottle of wine with a very rich taste and a balance between sweetness and pungent flavor. Possessing a light, attractive and fresh aroma. Suitable for use in combination with other ingredients. Japanese traditional dishes, meat or grilled dishes, hot pot.
- The wine has a delicious taste, suitable for family meals, or meeting with friends. When drinking, users will relax spirit, reduce fatigue and stress after studying and working hours.