Teacher's Highland Cream 1000ml

There is a distinction in every bottle of Teacher's Highland Cream, because we add more malt. All blended Scotch is a mix of two kinds of whisky - malt and grain, but Teacher's Highland Cream includes a uniquely high percentage of Highland peated malt. More malt adds flavour and quality. Genuine quality - you can taste it, and you can see it in the golden glow of the liquid. We call it the light of Scotland

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    1000 ml

  • 40%

Whilst all Blend Scotch Whiskies are made with both the malt and grain whiskies, Teacher’s® Highland Cream is unique. The blend has an exceptionally high malt content. No less than 45%. This gives it a richer more full bodied favour.

A complex blend: Teacher’s® uses over 30 different single malt whiskies in its blend. It is our master Blender’s skill that ensures that these malts are balanced and harmonised delivering the same full rich taste that W M Teacher created over 175 years ago.
Colour : Rich amber with yellowish highlights
Aroma : Oily, Fudge-like
Palate : Big, rounded, smooth, full and crunchy maltiness. To drink this whisky is like biting into peanut brittle, then toffee. then liquorice flavours
Finish : Rooty, oaky, smoky, these dry flavours providing a perfect balance
Comment : Malty, even creamy, but never cloying. Big and sustaining. The whisky world’s answer to Kendal Mint Cake

International Spirits Challenge 2017 : Silver Medal